Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The pletscher rack was great, but the mousetrap alone wasn't cutting it for everything I found myself wanting to carry on the bike, so I installed a basket:

M-Wave Wire Basket
This thing is made by M-Wave and at $15 bucks, you could do far, far worse. The basket is just the right size for me, it fits a full paper grocery bag, or a gym bag, or a care package from mom. I've carried all kinds of things in it, including some very, very tasty things:

Seriously, how much more Danish could this bike be?
As you can see in these photos, the basket's rim slants down at the back, allowing it to fit under handlebars. Combined with a bungie net, I can also carry things that don't exactly fit, but which can easily be lashed down:
A large Zachary's deep dish fit like the rig was designed for it.
I string the net across the middle of the basket, front to back as seen in the photo above, (but not overlaping the stem, that was a special condition to fit the pizza). This allows me to slide my helmet and gloves into the basket in my office lobby, then tip the bike up on its rear wheel to fit in the elevator with other people without my helmet etc. falling out. A small detail, but something I do every day, so I like not having to fuss with it each time.
Netting down the middle. Note the bike light in the basket - secured with a zip tie, it shines through the basket not problem.
This basket has two little hooks welded to the underside. These slide under the middle rung on the Pletscher rack and the whole thing is pinned against the rack, keeping these hooks in place, by the mousetrap.

Hooks hold the basket on the rack with the aid of the mousetrap
the hooks on the underside of the basket 
Mousetrap securing the basket to the Pletscher rack
I don't bother with it, but because it's only held in place by the mousetrap, you can remove the basket to take into shops or wherever you're going, which could be convenient. And despite the mousetrap being the only thing holding it in place, it's quite solid, thanks to the little hooks and the strength of the mousetrap spring.

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