Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tires and Saddle Swaps

I should mention that I started out with the 28mm Michelins but had to step down to the 25mm Gatorskins because the 28s were rubbing on the inside of the fork at the steerer tube and on the rear cantilever brakes. Bummer because they really softened the ride, and I've gotten a number of flats with the Gatorskins - at least two from staples strangely, and from being forced into potholes or curbs by jerk-off drivers. Oh well...

The other thing I swapped out was the seat. The brooks was a nice touch on the bike, but for whatever reason, it gave me trouble. Personal trouble. Down under. Perhaps I just didn't ride it long enough, but I wasn't seeing any change in the leather and the springs weren't really activating, maybe because I wasn't heavy enough or sitting upright enough. I put on a $30 bontrager saddle that works beautifully (and is less than half the weight, which actually has made a difference in maneuvering the bike around my office/elevators/stairs). I transferred the brooks to my folding bike, on which the springs work wonders since I'm bolt-upright on that thing.

A saddle is an especially personal matter...

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