Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carrying Strap

The leather carrying strap I fashioned out of an old belt has worn in beautifully. I treated it with leather saddle goop once, and it could probably use another coat soon. The leather has stretched it a very attractive way, nicely matching the contour of the chainring I think. The washers have kept the leather from tearing, despite some initial pinching which can been seen in the photos:

If the leather continues to stretch I may elect to flip the strap around and resize to fit more taughtly between the front and lower rear screws.


  1. The design looks pretty nice. Is carrying the bike this way comfortable? Do you grab it by your hand or do you put your arm in there?

  2. I grab it with my right hand and my arm fully extended, the seat nose or top tube is right under my armpit. Then I tilt the front wheel up to go up stairs, and down to go down stairs.

  3. Looks cool and pretty easy to make. i am going to try it myslef. The only problem I can see is that if I grab my bike in similar place i keep hitting stairs with front wheel of my bike. This completely destabilises me on the staris. I am 182 cm tall and my bike is a cross with 28" wheels.

    I was also thinking one could place the strap between the top tube and seat tube so that bike can be carried comfortably on one's arm..


  4. If you hold the handlebars with your left hand, you can tip the bike up so it's parallel to the stairs on the way up. If you want to get the thing all the way up on your shoulder (true to your cyclecross bike's roots), there are bags that attach with a pad as you describe - I think a leather strap would work well too, if you can wrap it around the tubes and fasten with a rivet or something. Here's a link to the bag I'm talking about: