Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1992 Stumpjumper 2.0

I previously posted about reconverting my '92 Stumpjumper from a city bike back to a mountain bike (which basically involved stopping riding on city streets and starting riding on trails...).

1992(?) Specialized Stumpjumper - still need to take the reflective stickers off, or maybe not...

I had some spare parts from the JPR conversion, including the handlebars and brake levers, so I picked up a shorter, steeper stem, some cut-off brake levers and some new pedals and put together a quasi-26" wheeled-cyclocross bike.

A few issues arose with the conversion. First, I needed to get the Travel Agent adjusters to make the V-brakes work with the caliper-compatible road levers. This works by changing the amount of cable pulled by the lever to a greater amount of travel in the v-brakes - pretty clever.

I also had to bend the shifters' clamp/metal straps/attachment area to get them onto the road bars and around the curves, and then had to squeeze the clamp back together and use a longer bolt and nut to secure it all because the diameter of the road bar is greater than a standard flat bar. I shoved the levers as far to the center of the bars as I could to make room for the cut-off brake levers. This is because the handlebars from the Paramount were narrower than those typically used on a cyclocross bike.

Here are some photos, including a gratuitous beach glamour shot.

stem and bars installed

original shifters, brakes and cut-off brakes, tape installed

I also installed these Shimano PD-A530 touring pedals, which have the standard SPD cleat on one side and a flat ample surface for a cleat-free shoe on the other. These pedals are awesome - they have a good amount of float on the cleat side, and the flat side is a bit heavier so the cleat side is always facing up (and slightly back) so you can very easily slam your foot down/forward and get in every time. If you want to use the other side, you just flip it over with your toe. Highly recommended.

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