Friday, June 24, 2011

Interesting Bikes

I'm going to start posting pics I've snapped of interesting bikes - usually bikes that are similar to the JPR, modified commuters built out of old steel frames, racing bikes, etc. Here's a couple:

Ok, right off the bat I'm throwing a curveball - this one isn't steel, it's a Cannondale, but pretty similar style to JPR. It is always parked outside my office and was definitely part of the inspiration for a 7-8 speed with a single chain ring and no front derailleur. Also note the swept bars and racks. Very nice commuter - though I imagine the aluminum frame is rather jarring on Oakland roads. She seems to be running 25mm tires, so faster, but bumpier. 

I only saw this bike once, but did a double take since it looks surprisingly like the JPR. It's a Panasonic, whoo hoo! I have no idea if this is a good frame or not, but the way it was built up looks like someone values it - inverted swept bars, nice saddle, and with non-caliper brakes - maybe it was supposed to be a cyclocross-type bike?

Snapped this from the passenger seat at Shattuck and 52nd - track bike painted solid gold with an internal hub and gripshift. Looks like the nexus so a 7 or 8 speed. Sweet get up and this guy looks like a serious cyclist, but he was in the right lane of two that merge into a freeway ramp, so he got off to a slow start across the intersection and then had to change lanes while people were gearing up to get on the onramp. Not the brightest move, but then, it's a crappy intersection anyway you slice it.

And finally, two glamour shots and a funny wheel insert - Rivendale, Merckx, BART:
A. Homer Hilsen
USA! USA! er, Bel-el-gium!
Remember these things?

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